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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, mid 19th century


A set of clothing, linens, and sometimes toiletries, for a newborn.

Examples of Layette in a sentence

"John and Sarah carefully put together a layette for their newborn niece."

"Blankets, onesies, and other useful items were packed as layettes to send to maternity centers."

About Layette

“Layette” is a derivative of the Old French word “laie,” meaning “drawer.”

Did you Know?

“Layette” typically refers to a full set of clothes for a newborn baby. In the 1920s, expectant mothers and their friends and family would often knit matching layette sets for a newborn baby. The sets would include a matching knitted blanket, booties, a hat, and a sweater. This tradition of knitting a set of clothes for a newborn baby, or creating a set of clothes and toiletries for a baby, continues today.

illustration Layette

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