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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Late Middle English, unknown


Depict or describe in painting or words.


Suffuse or highlight (something) with a bright color or light.

Examples of Limn in a sentence

"One of her greatest talents as a writer is limning difficult emotions into clear, concise sentences."

"After class, Terese made sure to limn each important topic with a bright yellow highlighter."

About Limn

This word originally developed from the Latin word “luminare” and the French word “luminer,” which both mean “make light.” It also found roots in Middle English from the obsolete word “lumine” (illuminate) as a means to describe the art of illumination.

Did you Know?

Illuminated manuscripts are artistic pages where text is supplemented with borders, gilding, and illustrations. In the ancient world, monks and other scholars would carefully limn pages with illustrations that either complemented or explained the text in some way.

illustration Limn

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