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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, 18th century


Pertaining to apples.


Of or pertaining to malic acid or its derivatives.

Examples of Malic in a sentence

"Though there was no fruit in the pastry, the cream filling still had a malic flavor."

"Some of the tartness in apples is due to malic acid, one of their dominant flavorings."

About Malic

“Malic” entered English from the French word “malique,” based on the Latin “mālum,” meaning “apple.”

Did you Know?

Malic acid is a natural product often used as a nutritional supplement for skin health, as well as to help with kidney stones and dry mouth. However, malic acid is also used as a food additive, as it is even more sour than citric acid (derived from citrus fruits). Though it was named for the Latin word for apples (“mālum”) and is most prominent in sour apples, malic acid appears across a variety of other sour fruits, including rhubarb, grapes, berries, cherries, and tree fruits.

illustration Malic

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