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Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, 19th century


A person who loves music.

Examples of Melomaniac in a sentence

"My melomaniac sister listens to music from the time she wakes up, all through the workday and evening, until she goes to bed at night."

"I could tell Lali was a melomaniac the moment I saw her wall of records, CDs, and cassettes."

About Melomaniac

“Melomaniac” was formed within English. It combines the prefix “melo-,” from the ancient Greek “μέλος” (“mélos”), meaning “song,” with the suffix “maniac,” from the ancient Greek “μανιακός” (“maniakós”), meaning “given to compulsion or mad desire.”

Did you Know?

According to a June 2019 survey, 51% of Americans report listening to music every day. Broken down by age, however, it’s clear that people at different life stages enjoy music differently. The only group in which fewer than half of respondents (only 34%) reported listening to music daily was people over the age of 55, compared with 56% of those between 35 and 54. In younger listeners, music was even more popular, with 68% reporting daily listening. Perhaps adoption of technology is why there are so many youthful melomaniacs — it’s easier to make a soundtrack to your life with the right streaming apps and headphones.

illustration Melomaniac

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