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Monday, June 29



Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, mid-20th century


A gender-neutral term for a niece or nephew.

Examples of Nibling in a sentence

"I'm so excited for my new nibling to be born!"

"All of the niblings get their own table at family dinners."

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About Nibling

The origins of this word are unclear, but it seems to have popped up around the mid-1900s. It wasn't adopted into popular use for another few decades, but it's gaining steam as language is evolving to reflect more diverse identities. You can find "nibling" in the Collins Dictionary and as a word to watch by Merriam-Webster.

Did you Know?

It's not a new species of beetle, your nibling is your niece ... or nephew. It's a neat gender-neutral term to refer to your niece or nephew, or a whole group of them.

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