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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Unknown, late 17th century


Describing a person of wealth or high social position.

Examples of Nobby in a sentence

"When he wasn’t saving lives as Batman, Bruce Wayne lived a nobby lifestyle as a socialite."

"It doesn’t matter if the rental car is a nobby convertible or a family minivan — I’ll be happy either way."

About Nobby

The closest guess is that “nobby” developed by way of the Scottish word “knab” (a person of importance) as slang for high society.

Did you Know?

Don’t mix these homophones up. Knobby is an adjective that describes something that has a lot of knobs — such as a pilot’s switchboard or an old branch. Nobby is an adjective that specifically describes a wealthy person or one who has a high social position. Both are adjectives, but possess different meanings.

illustration Nobby

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