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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 1970


The collecting of banknotes as a hobby.

Examples of Notaphily in a sentence

"Gerald’s favorite hobby as he entered retirement was notaphily."

"Notaphily can be a time-consuming, expensive hobby."

About Notaphily

This word stems from the Latin “nota,” meaning “note,” and “philia,” an ancient Greek term meaning "fondness."

Did you Know?

Anyone who’s seriously into notaphily can tell you that the rarest of U.S. currency notes is the 1890 “Grand Watermelon” $1,000 bill. It earned its nickname because the color and design of the large zeroes on the reverse side resemble watermelons. In 2014, one sold at auction for $3.29 million, making it the single most valuable piece of currency in existence. Only two “Grand Watermelons” are thought to still exist, with one being held at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

illustration Notaphily

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