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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Late Latin, mid 17th century


Comprising or relating to all sorts or varieties.

Examples of Omnifarious in a sentence

"The political panel was omnifarious in order to spark debates."

"The farmers’ market had an omnifarious tomato display."

About Omnifarious

This word comes from the Late Latin “omnifarius,” meaning "of all sorts." It stems from the Latin “omnifariam,” meaning "in all places or parts, on all sides."

Did you Know?

“Omnifarious” has essentially the same definition as “omniferous”: consisting of all sorts or varieties. The earliest use of “omniferous” was in the mid-17th century by Thomas Blount, an English lexicographer and has a slightly different Latin root —”omnifer,” stemming from “omnis,” meaning “all” and “ferre,” meaning “to bear.”

illustration Omnifarious

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