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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 15th century


Another term for perk.


A gratuity.

Examples of Perquisite in a sentence

"Unlimited vacation time is a perquisite that more employers are offering to attract new talent."

"She was surprised to find a $20 cash perquisite left on a $10 bill."

About Perquisite

The Latin word “perquirere” (search diligently for) is the root of this word. It makes sense, as you might be hunting for specific perks in your job, or in new housing. “Quaerere” (seek) is the base of “perquirere” and also the root of a few other seeking words: acquire, inquiry, query, and quest.

Did you Know?

When you start your first day at a new job, you might be handed a booklet describing your benefits. This probably includes your insurance, vacation policy, and other perks, such as a free shuttle or a gym membership. Perks is actually a shortening of the word perquisite. Impress the hiring manager at your next interview by asking about the benefits and perquisites of the job.

illustration Perquisite

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