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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


(of a substance) allowing water to pass through; permeable.

Examples of Pervious in a sentence

"Despite extensive repairs, the boat’s hull was still pervious in choppier waves."

"Rather than have his driveway paved, David decided to use a pervious layer of gravel."

About Pervious

This word originated from the Latin word “pervius,” which means “having a passage through.”

Did you Know?

Pervious membranes are crucial to most organic, living things — humans would not exist without the permeable cells that make up our systems. However, these cells are still extremely picky about what enters and leaves at any given time. The cell membrane is selectively pervious, which means that it regulates which materials and substances are allowed to enter and leave with water and other bodily fluids.

illustration Pervious

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