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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, 19th century


A beach by the sea, especially at a fashionable resort.

Examples of Plage in a sentence

"As soon as we unpacked our bags, we took a stroll on the resort’s wide, sandy plage."

"My best childhood memories are at the plage at the resort my family went to every summer in Acapulco."

About Plage

“Plage” comes into English directly from the French word “plage,” meaning “shore.” The French “plage” is rooted in the Italian “piaggia,” based on the Latin “plagia,” meaning “shore” or “coast.”

Did you Know?

The English word “plage” is drawn from the same word in French, but those more familiar with Spanish — particularly those who’ve taken beach holidays to Spanish-speaking countries — will recognize the similarity with the Spanish term “playa,” also meaning “beach.” The two words are based on the same Latin root, and like “plage,” “playa” is sometimes used in English as a fancy way of describing a beach. However, in English “playa” has an additional geographical meaning describing a flat area in a desert basin. By contrast, “plage” specifically describes seaside beaches at resort locations.

illustration Plage

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