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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 15th century


A drink.


The action of drinking alcohol.

Examples of Potation in a sentence

"Sit down and join me for a potation."

"A majority of the plans for the bachelor party concerned copious amounts of potation."

About Potation

Po-TEY-tion, po-TAH-tion. Actually, potation has nothing to do with potatoes. The Latin verb "potare" means "to drink," and that turned into "potation" in Old French and then Middle English. The noun form means "a drink," or "the action of drinking."

Did you Know?

Head to your favorite watering hole, and order a potation. It’s not a fancy cocktail made by a mixologist; it’s just a drink. "Potation" is a bit of an old-fashioned term for a beverage, usually alcoholic. Bartender’s choice when you ask for a potation.

illustration Potation

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