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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Middle Low German, 16th century


Spend time making minor adjustments to one's appearance; primp.

Examples of Prink in a sentence

"My brother claims I always prink for an hour before I can go out in public."

"Before the wedding, Jina was in front of the bathroom mirror, prinking nervously."

About Prink

“Prink” is a combination of two words: the Middle English “prank” (meaning “to deck” or “to adorn”) and “primp” (meaning “to spend time on one’s appearance”).

Did you Know?

“Prink” is an uncommon word that is the product of several more common ones: It is closely related to “primp,” but it is also closely related to “prank” (in its original sense) and “prim.” Though today, “prank” is understood to refer to a trick or practical joke, it originally meant “to decorate or adorn.” To “primp” has always meant “to dress carefully and pay attention to one’s appearance,” though it is a variation on the adjective “prim,” meaning “formal” or “neat.” From the mingling of all these roots, “prink” emerged, meaning “to spend time on the minor details of one’s appearance.”

illustration Prink

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