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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Late Middle English, late 14th century


Deep insight; great depth of knowledge or thought.


Great depth or intensity of a state, quality, or emotion.

Examples of Profundity in a sentence

"Critics praised the artist’s second album for the profundity of the lyrics."

"Even astronomers get swept up by the profundity of space."

About Profundity

This word originally meant “the bottom of the sea,” used to describe vastness and depth before its meaning shifted to include the definition “depth of intellect, feeling, or spiritual mystery” in the 15th century. It is thought to have developed twofold from the Old French word “profundite,” and the Latin words “profunditatem” (depth, intensity, immensity) and “profundus” (deep, vast).

Did you Know?

While profundity can refer to deep insight or a great depth of knowledge, it can also be used to describe the sheer state of something profound or difficult to understand. Many people experience a state of profundity when trying to understand the breadth of the ocean or the vastness of space.

illustration Profundity

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