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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Late Middle English, 14th century


Close kinship


Physical nearness

Examples of Propinquity in a sentence

"The newly promoted manager's propinquity to the CEO made his swift rise seem a little suspicious."

"The dormitory's propinquity to the classroom makes it a perfect place to live for the on-campus population."

About Propinquity

The ethical violation of nepotism — giving special treatment to a family member or close personal associate — can stem directly from close relationships within a family. This kind of propinquity, or closeness, in relations can lead to bitterness and infighting within a company or business partnership.

Did you Know?

Propinquity expresses a strong kind of nearness, implying a somewhat relational or familial meaning. This is different from other related words that are almost exclusively used to describe physical location.

illustration Propinquity

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