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Tuesday, December 31



Part of speech: verb

Origin: Unknown, 16th century


To drink a beverage, especially an alcoholic one


To drink heartily with large sips

Examples of Quaff in a sentence

"A New Year's Eve tradition is to quaff champagne at the stroke of midnight."

"It’s easy to quaff a cold beer after a long day in the sun."

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About Quaff

The origin of "quaff" is unknown, but it’s been in use since the 1500s. The next time you’re ready to down a few adult beverages, ask your friends to join you in quaffing.

Did you Know?

The verb "quaff" means to gulp down an intoxicating beverage, but the word can also be used as a noun. A quaff is a healthy sip of said beverage.

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