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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Unknown, 17th century


Difficult to deal with or settle; perplexing; (of a person) of dubious character.

Examples of Quisquous in a sentence

"I wanted to trust him, but also knew that he had a quisquous reputation."

"She tried to be patient, but knew that her friend was quisquous."

About Quisquous

While we know that quisquous is a Scottish word that first came into use around the 17th century, its exact origins are uncertain. It could possibly originate from the Latin word "quisquis," which means "whoever."

Did you Know?

Quisquous characters have long been referred to as tricksters in mythology; the coyote (Indigenous cultures), the fox (East Asian cultures), Anansi (the spider god of West Africa), and Loki (Norse god) are all viewed as tricksters.

illustration Quisquous

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