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Wednesday, January 19



Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, mid 19th century


Make (something abstract) more concrete or real.

Examples of Reify in a sentence

"The still-life assignment was to reify the sketch as a complete oil painting"

"The ad agency was asked to reify the marketing pitch ahead of their next meeting with the clients."

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About Reify

"Reify" is a construction of the Latin “res,” meaning “thing,” and an evolution of the Latin verb “facere,” meaning “do, or make.”

Did you Know?

"Reify'' is an obscure verb that attempts to use language to bridge the gap between things that don’t exist yet, and what they will become. There aren’t many synonyms, but some that are slightly more common in usage are: “conceptualize,” “concretize,” “objectify,” and “picture.”

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