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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Making a snorting noise; snorting.

Examples of Rhonchisonant in a sentence

"Emerging from the dusty barn, John cleared his throat with a loud rhonchisonant noise."

"Raccoons can be surprisingly rhonchisonant with their pig-like snorts."

About Rhonchisonant

“Rhonchisonant” was coined by combining the Latin roots “rhonchus,” meaning “snoring” or “a frog croaking,” and “sonare,” meaning “making a sound.”

Did you Know?

A large number of animals are capable of snoring — the original rhonchisonant sound. And while snoring during sleeping is done by mammals, it isn’t limited to terrestrial mammals — whales have been known to snore. Size isn’t the cause of snoring either. Tiny mice snore, as do elephants. However, predators are likelier to be rhonchisonant in their sleep than prey, for the obvious reason that prey who sleep noisily tend to get discovered by hunters.

illustration Rhonchisonant

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