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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Scandinavian, late 15th century


the lines and chains used aboard a ship for supporting masts, sails and other parts of the vessel


lines and chains used in theater set design for support and movement

Examples of Rigging in a sentence

"Before you can sail the boat, you have to understand how to set the rigging."

"I didn't land the part in the play, but at least I get to manage the rigging that opens the curtain"

About Rigging

Ropes and cables on boats are called different things depending on their use. A line used to adjust sails is called a sheet, while any rope serving a purpose is known as a line. All together, the lines and sheets on a boat comprise the rigging.

Did you Know?

Rigging a sailboat from scratch can take anywhere from an entire day to a week or more.

illustration Rigging

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