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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 18th century


Reddening; blushing.

Examples of Rubescent in a sentence

"My fair skin means I turn rubescent at the slightest hint of embarrassment."

"Sugar maple leaves turn rubescent in the fall."

About Rubescent

“Rubescent” is based on the Latin “rubescens,” meaning “I am reddening.”

Did you Know?

Blushing, the experience of rubescent skin, is something many people experience with embarrassment, although there are many emotions that can cause flushed cheeks. There is no concrete explanation of the relationship between embarrassment and rubescent skin, but scientists believe blushing may be an involuntary demonstration to others during awkward moments — making it a sort of physiological apology. Others believe embarrassment triggers the fight-flight-freeze response, meaning a person who freezes still gets the adrenaline and raised heart rate they would have needed for fight or flight, and this is visible on their rubescent face.

illustration Rubescent

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