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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Middle English, late 13th century


eager or hopeful


blood-red in color


having to do with blood

Examples of Sanguine in a sentence

"I knew I should be nervous, but I couldn't help but feel sanguine about my upcoming performance."

"The sanguine strokes of the painting reminded us of a bold sunset."

About Sanguine

In Midieval medicine, there were considered to be four 'humors' that dictated a patient's overall health. These were sanguine (blood), choleric (yellow bile), melancholic (black bile), and phlegmatic (phlegm). The idea of these 'humors' has long been disproven, but we still use words derived from each one-- sanguine, cholic and cholera, melancholy, and phlegm.

Did you Know?

Medieval doctors used to describe patients as sanguine if they had reddish, ruddy skin-- once considered a sign of good health.

illustration Sanguine

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