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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 18th century


A person who is from 70 to 79 years old.

Examples of Septuagenarian in a sentence

"The audience of mostly septuagenarians wanted to hear the band’s hit songs from the 1960s."

"I hope that by the time I am a septuagenarian, I can retire near the beach."

About Septuagenarian

Taken from the Latin “septuāgēnārius,” meaning “containing 70.”

Did you Know?

"Septuagenarian" refers to someone in their seventh decade of life, but "September" is the ninth month of the year. "Septum" is Latin for "seven," and under the ancient Roman calendar, September was the seventh of 10 months. In 46 BCE, the Julian calendar added January and February to the beginning of the year, and the rest of the months were bumped back.

illustration Septuagenarian

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