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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 18th century



Examples of Singultus in a sentence

"I get singultus every time I drink sparkling wine."

"We tried startling Elsie, but her singultus persisted until she held her breath for a full minute."

About Singultus

“Singultus” is a loanword from Latin, describing speech interrupted by sobs.

Did you Know?

Nearly all mammals experience singultus — the medical name for hiccups — but scientists aren’t quite sure of the cause. What we do know is that singultus is a two-stage event, beginning when the diaphragm contracts suddenly to create a gasp of air, which is immediately followed by a sudden closure of the opening between the vocal cords that allows breath in. Thus, hiccups sound a lot like sobs, as is suggested by the condition’s Latin name, singultus. Scientists believe hiccups don’t really serve a purpose anymore, but are the product of evolutionary history dating back to when our ancestors had gills that needed to be pulled closed in a hurry.

illustration Singultus

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