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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 16th century


The action of sneezing.

Examples of Sternutation in a sentence

"Jenna wanted to speak, but she was caught in a fit of sternutation."

"I spend half my time in the attic in sternutation thanks to the decades of dust up there."

About Sternutation

“Sternutation” is from the Latin “sternūtātiō,” meaning “sneezing.”

Did you Know?

A single sternutation (or sneeze) can travel more than 100 mph with a range of up to five feet. Sternutation has many common causes — dust, pollen, pet hair, cold air, spicy foods, colds and flus — but there are a variety of less common factors that may provoke a spell of sternutation. Some people sneeze after plucking eyebrows or other sensitive facial hair, while others sneeze while exercising, or after particularly heavy meals.

illustration Sternutation

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