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Part of speech: adverb

Origin: Middle English, 10th century


To or toward that place.

Examples of Thither in a sentence

"We drew the stranger directions to the service station and sent him thither."

"I enjoyed Scotland when I went thither as a child."

About Thither

Based on the Middle English “thider,” and the Old English “þider,” both meaning “there.”

Did you Know?

The best way to understand “thither” is as an archaic version of “there” or “to that place,” since it’s often heard as part of the poetic expression “hither and thither” — an old and ornate way of saying “here and there.” “Thither” is often associated with “yonder,” meaning “there in the distance,” as both are charming replacements for the more common expressions “there” and “over there.” “Yonder” does not share any roots with “thither,” however, and while “yonder” appeared early in English (during the 14th century), “thither” is significantly older, having been first recorded in the early 10th century.

illustration Thither

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