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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Old Norse


A habitually late person


Someone who overestimates how much time they have and is rarely on time as a result

Examples of Tidsoptimist in a sentence

"You'd be on time more often if you weren't such a tidsoptimist."

"The meeting was late, presumably because there were several tidsoptimists in attendance."

About Tidsoptimist

Everyone has at least one friend who's never on time, even and especially when they think they will be. Now you have a word for them: tidsoptimist. The term refers more specifically to those who are late because they overestimate how much time they have to get wherever it is they're going.

Did you Know?

They say the Germans have a word for everything, but we actually have the Old Norse tíð to thank for tidsoptimist. Optimism is usually a good thing, but acting as though you have less time than you actually do is a better way to arrive on time.

illustration Tidsoptimist

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