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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, mid 19th century


The ringing of bells


A tinkling sound, like that of a bell

Examples of Tintinnabulation in a sentence

"I always look forward to the joyous tintinnabulation at church during the Christmas season."

"The faint tintinnabulation in my ears is starting to drive me crazy."

About Tintinnabulation

The largest bell in the world is believed to be Moscow’s Tsar Bell, which weighs nearly half a million pounds and is 20 feet tall. The bell would probably produce a pretty loud tintinnabulation — if it weren’t broken.

Did you Know?

We know tintinnabulation to mean “the ringing of bells.” It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that tinnitus is the medical term for a chronic ringing in the ears.

illustration Tintinnabulation

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