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Tuesday, February 16



Part of speech: verb

Origin: Unknown, mid 17th century


Transform in a surprising or magical manner.

Examples of Transmogrify in a sentence

"The fairy godmother plans to transmogrify Cinderella from peasant to princess."

"Cecilia wished for the fairies to transmogrify her car into a Ferrari."

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About Transmogrify

While researchers place the origins of this word somewhere in the mid 17th century, how "transmogrify" evolved is a bit of a mystery. It could possibly have developed from the Latin verb "transformare" (to change form), the same root found in the word "transform."

Did you Know?

While change is an inevitable part of our lives, it can be scary. If you're having trouble dealing with the things that have been recently transmogrified in your life, scientists suggest retaining some of your familiar routines until you adjust.

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