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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, late 16th century


Bright green in hue


Green due to lush, growing vegetation


Inexperienced or fresh

Examples of Verdant in a sentence

"The verdant trees and plants of the Amazon rainforest are stunningly beautiful."

"Living in a drab city, I long for the verdant pastures of the countryside."

About Verdant

Knowing that verdant means “green,” you can easily spot the word for “green” in several other languages. For example, in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, “green” is verde, and in French, it’s vert. Languages that make it even easier for an English speaker are Afrikaans (groen) and Danish (grøn), among others.

Did you Know?

Verdant has been used to describe something green in color since the 1500s. However, its more uncommon meaning — "naive or inexperienced" — came about hundreds of years later.

illustration Verdant

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