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Vice versa


Part of speech: adverb

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


With the main items in the preceding statement the other way round.


(Latin) In-turned position.

Examples of Vice versa in a sentence

"He knew all of his wife's favorite foods and vice versa."

"I want to read these books in alphabetical order not vice versa."

About Vice versa

Vice versa is an adverb adopted from Latin, meaning the other way around. You can use it in various situations to describe a reverse order or a reciprocal arrangement. The styling is pretty straightforward — it doesn't need a hyphen, italics, or quotation marks. Just give it (a) space.

Did you Know?

The pronunciation of vice versa is up for debate. If you're speaking the Queen's English, the first half is pronounced with two syllables: vahys-sə. But in American English, it's just one syllable: vahys. But if you're going with the classical Latin pronunciation, the "V" turns into a "W" and the "C" is a hard "K" — WEE-kə WEHR-sə

illustration Vice versa

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