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Part of speech: noun

Origin: British, early 20th century


(In bridge or whist) a hand with no card above a nine.

Examples of Yarborough in a sentence

"Jake wanted to get a yarborough in his weekly card game."

"The novice asked the card shark what a yarborough was."

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illustration Yarborough

About Yarborough

Charles Anderson Worsley, an English nobleman and second Earl of Yarborough, is said to have bet 1000 to one against the dealing of such a hand.

Did you Know?

Around 1900, Lord Yarborough gave his name to a hand of cards dealt in bridge that contains no ace and no card higher than a nine. The probability of getting a Yarborough is 347,373,600 out of 635,013,559,600 — or 1/1828. The earl offered £1,000 to anyone who achieved a "yarborough," on the condition they paid him £1 each time they didn’t get one.

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