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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 16th century


Relating to the square of a number.

Examples of Zenzic in a sentence

"We expected maybe 20 people at the party but were overwhelmed when it seemed like a zenzic number of guests showed up."

"Since there are 12 reports to compile each month, the total number of reports in a year is the zenzic of 12."

About Zenzic

“Zenzic” is based on a mixture of the Latin “census” (meaning “a register”) and the German “zins” (meaning “interest”).

Did you Know?

In mathematics, a “square” is a number multiplied by itself (the square of 2 is 4, for example). But there’s a fancier word to describe the simple concept. “Zenzic” is an adjective that means “relating to the square of a number,” but this word can be expanded exponentially itself. “Zenzizenzic” means “to the fourth power,” “zenzizenzizenzic” brings it to the eighth power, and “zenzizenzizenzizenzike” takes a number to the 16th power. (The "-ike" ending is an alternate spelling — it comes from the 1557 book the term first appeared in, in which "square nombers are called Zenzikes.")

illustration Zenzic

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