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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Middle English, mid 14th century


Resulting in moral revulsion


Extremely vile or unpleasant

Examples of Abominable in a sentence

"The way he was treated by his uncle was simply abominable, and he won't be asked to babysit again."

"The abominable condition of the apartment made dinner an unpleasant experience."

About Abominable

The first time the word abominable was used to describe a certain mythical creature was in 1921, resulting from a mis-translation of words spoken by Tibetan sherpas to describe a "Wild Man of the Snows."

Did you Know?

The word abominable hasn't changed much in its 1,000+ year history. It went from the latin abhominabilis, to the Middle English abhomynable, to the word we recognize today.

illustration Abominable

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