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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Ancient Greek, 17th century


Ingeniously or cunningly designed; artistic, ingenious, intricate, skillful.


Difficult to comprehend due to complexity or intricacy.

Examples of Daedalian in a sentence

"The walls of the mansion concealed a Daedalian series of hidden passages to which only the owner and architect knew the entrances."

"The dungeon master guided the role-playing gamers through a Daedalian series of worlds and scenes that tested the limits of their imaginations."

About Daedalian

“Daedalian” is based on the Latin “Daedalus,” from the ancient Greek “Δαίδαλος” (“Daídalos”).

Did you Know?

In ancient Greek myth, the inventor and architect Daedalus was a figure of wisdom and creativity, known for building the Labyrinth for King Minos, and for crafting the wax wings with which his son Icarus flew too close to the sun. Ancient Greeks credited Daedalus with designing the original structures upon which classical Greek buildings were based. In modern English, “Daedalian” pays tribute to his genius by invoking his name to describe anything ingeniously or craftily designed. “Daedalian” is distinct from the similar adjective “daedal” (which means “crafty” or “skillful”) through its specific description of design or imagination.

illustration Daedalian

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