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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Middle English, 1400s


(formal) Agree to a demand, request, or treaty.


(formal) Assume an office or position.

Examples of Accede in a sentence

"The authorities decided to accede to the thief’s demands in exchange for the painting."

"The prince acceded to the throne after the king fell ill."

About Accede

Accede developed in Middle English as a word that meant “come forward” or “to approach” via the Latin word “accedere,” which comes from the combination of the words “ad” (to) + “cedere” (give way, yield).

Did you Know?

While most people are familiar with the way royal titles change when one person accedes to the throne — like when a prince or princess becomes a king or queen — the meanings of other titles can be confusing without explanation. England’s nobility, for example, follows a strict hierarchy — a baron is the lowest royal position, while a duke is second only to a prince. This makes royal succession easier to visualize — while a prince might accede the throne in the case of an absent monarch, for example, a duke has the right to do so as well in the case of an absent prince.

illustration Accede

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