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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, late 18th century


The process of giving birth to a baby.

Examples of Accouchement in a sentence

"It took the entire zoo team to assist the elephant during her accouchement."

"Every mother has a different method to make accouchement bearable."

About Accouchement

Accouchement originated as the French word "accoucher," which means "to act like a midwife." This word, in turn, developed from the Latin words "a" (to) + "coucher" (put to bed).

Did you Know?

While accouchement seems like a solitary effort, women rarely go through this process alone. A person in labor is often accompanied by their obstetrician, doula, or midwife throughout the process of childbirth — along with a team of supportive nurses.

illustration Accouchement

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