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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, early 19th century


Relating to or based on initial letters or sounds.

Examples of Acrological in a sentence

"My daughter wrote an acrological poem of the word 'Mother' for my wife's birthday."

"The ordering isn't alphabetical, but it is acrological."

About Acrological

If something is alphabetical, then it must be acrological. But everything acrological is not always alphabetical. Acrological means concerning the first letter or sound, and alphabetical means the first letters are arranged in a very specific order.

Did you Know?

An acronym is pronounced as a word — NASA, SCUBA, SWAT — but what you call acronyms are usually initialisms. These acrological abbreviations are pronounced by saying the letters individually. DNA, IRS, DKNY — all acrological initialisms.

illustration Acrological

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