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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Forming an addition or supplement; not integral or intrinsic.

Examples of Adscititious in a sentence

"When the dense fog stranded hundreds of travelers, the resort struggled to feed the adscititious crowd."

"The Sunday papers used to come with more than a half-dozen adscititious magazines and promotional flyers."

About Adscititious

“Adscititious” is based on the Latin “adscitus,” meaning “admitted.”

Did you Know?

The word “adscititious” has a two-part definition: “forming an addition or supplement” and also “not integral.” While both parts make up the definition, they can be at odds with each other — something that is not integral can be seen as unneeded. However, supplements are usually helpful additions, and sometimes even necessary. Consider the nutritional supplement folic acid. This might fit both sides of the definition of adscititious; it’s not integral to most adult diets, but it’s extremely important to supplement as a prenatal vitamin.

illustration Adscititious

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