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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, 19th century


A comment or brief reference that makes an illuminating or entertaining point.

Examples of Aperçu in a sentence

"With his seemingly bottomless capacity for a witty aperçu, Jagdeep was always a welcome party guest."

"Hoping to hone my ability to call up a quick aperçu, I took to reading a book of famous quotations each morning over breakfast."

About Aperçu

“Aperçu” is borrowed from the French, in which it is the past participle of the verb “apercevoir,” meaning “to perceive.”

Did you Know?

“Aperçu” is based on the French word for “perceiving,” which provides the basis for its common definition. An “aperçu” is a witty or entertaining turn of phrase, but, more specifically, it offers a different perception of reality. For example, American writer Dorothy Parker was famous for a wit that often surprised, such as when she said, “The best way to keep children at home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant, and let the air out of the tires.”

illustration Aperçu

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