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Wednesday, April 13



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid-17th century


(Geology) Consisting of sand or particles of a substance similar to sand.


(Biology — of animals or plants) living or growing in sand.

Examples of Arenaceous in a sentence

"Quartz sandstone is a type of arenaceous rock."

"Kalyn looked for arenaceous plants that would thrive in her desert locale."

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About Arenaceous

This word stems from the Latin “arenaceus” and “harenaceus,” originally from “harena,” meaning "sand, sandy place." The figurative sense of "dry" is from 1870.

Did you Know?

Not all flora requires rich, dark, moist soil. Some plants actually grow best in arenaceous settings. Black-eyed susans, lavender, hibiscus, potatoes, cucumbers, beans, salvia, and, of course, cacti and other succulents thrive in sandy locales, especially in the American Southwest.

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