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Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, late 17th century


The worship of stars and other celestial objects.

Examples of Astrolatry in a sentence

"My grandmother believed in astrolatry so much that she named all of her children after stars."

"There's more to astrolatry than just following the phases of the moon."

About Astrolatry

Not astrology, but close. Where astrology looks to the stars for guidance, astrolatry takes it one step further and worships the stars.

Did you Know?

The "-latry" suffix comes from Greek and denotes worship of a certain thing. In addition to worshipping idols (idolatry) and stars (astrolatry), you can worship books (bibliolatry), Shakespeare (bardolatry), the sun (heliolatry), images (iconolatry), and animals (zoolatry).

illustration Astrolatry

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