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Part of speech: adverb

Origin: Middle English, 15th century



Examples of Bedight in a sentence

"The artist’s walls were bedight in mirrors, which maximized the light."

"Holly never goes out without being bedight in antique jewelry."

About Bedight

“Bedight” is based on the word “dight,” meaning “set in order” or “equip,” with the prefix “be-,” meaning “near.”

Did you Know?

“Bedight” is based on the verb “dight,” which is rooted in Old English. Originally, “dight” was related to the Old English word “dihtan,” meaning “to arrange” or “to set in order.” As a verb, “dight” has meant “deal with,” “put,” or “form.” Over the centuries, however, “dight” and most of its related terms fell out of use in English, leaving only the adverb “bedight,” which has taken on the modern meaning of “adorned” or “bedecked.”

illustration Bedight

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