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Thursday, April 16



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


Translucently clear.


(of music or other sound) clear and pure in tone.

Examples of Pellucid in a sentence

"For spring cleaning, I wash the windows until they are pellucid with no streaks or water spots."

"The song she played on her violin was pellucid and sweet."

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About Pellucid

If you know the word lucid (Expressed clearly; easy to understand), then you’re on your way to understanding pellucid. It can share the exact same definition, or it can be used in a more lyrical sense to describe something beautifully clear, or even clear and pure sounding music.

Did you Know?

“Lucidus” is Latin for clear, and “per” means through, so pellucid clearly means something completely transparent. Other words that share the clear Latin root include translucent, lustrous, elucidate, illustrate, and, of course, lucid.

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