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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle Dutch, 15th century


A citizen of a town or city, typically a member of the wealthy bourgeoisie.

Examples of Burgher in a sentence

"I'm not just a burgher of this town; I consider myself a citizen of the world."

"Even though I've lived here for five years, I don't feel like I'm a burgher yet."

About Burgher

Burgher developed from the Middle English word "burgh" ("town") and the Dutch words "burger" ("citizen") and "burg" ("castle"). The word "borough" (which describes the boundaries of a certain district) originated from these same roots.

Did you Know?

There's a difference between being a citizen and being a resident, and the word "burgher" is related to those traditions. If you are a citizen (burgher) of a town, then you have met the requirements to perform certain actions, such as voting and running for office. A resident, on the other hand, simply resides in a particular area — they may not be a burgher.

illustration Burgher

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