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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Arabic, 14th century


A secret or disguised way of writing; a code.


A monogram.

Examples of Cipher in a sentence

"The twins developed their own cipher, a secret code for keeping notes hidden from their parents."

"Her wedding registry was filled with household items marked with their new cipher. "

About Cipher

"Cipher is a flexible noun that can refer to many things: A numeric or text character, a mark of interweaving characters (a monogram), a method of concealing text, a cryptography system, a secret message, a feature on a musical organ, even a hip-hop jam session."

Did you Know?

The Arabic word “ṣifr” means zero, or empty. Today you’re more likely to decipher a complex cipher with many letters and numbers, but there’s still a place for a few zeros. The groups of three zeros in extremely large numbers are called ciphers. Earn a billion dollars and you’ll have three ciphers in your account balance.

illustration Cipher

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