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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, unknown date


Of or like butter.

Examples of Butyraceous in a sentence

"The sauce had a butyraceous consistency."

"Popcorn at movie theaters tastes butyraceous but doesn’t contain actual butter."

About Butyraceous

This word is a combination of the Latin “butyrum,” meaning “butter,” and the word-forming element “-aceous,” meaning “belonging to, of the nature of.”

Did you Know?

As popular as butter is, “butyraceous” is not a word that commonly pops up. The USA show “Psych” did incorporate it in its second-ever episode, “Spellingg Bee,” when Gus tells his fake-psychic partner, Shawn, “See, the problem is that butyraceous is clearly a round one word.”

illustration Butyraceous

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