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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, 19th century


The science of accurate time measurement.

Examples of Chronometry in a sentence

"Charles, an expert in chronometry, has set all the clocks in his house to the exact atomic time."

"The advent of electricity was a gift to chronometry, as it allowed scientists to make even more precise measurements of time."

About Chronometry

“Chronometry” is a combination of the ancient Greek “χρόνος” (“khrónos”), meaning “time,” and the suffix “-metry,” from the Ancient Greek “μέτρον” (“métron”), meaning “measure.”

Did you Know?

The term “mental chronometry” refers to the study of the speed of cognitive processing. It is the scientific study of reaction time and the time it takes to solve simple cognitive tasks. While chronometry on its own describes the process of accurately measuring time in general, mental chronometry studies the speed of the nervous system in processing information. A basic measure of mental chronometry is the time it takes for a person to respond when presented with a stimulus. For example, a person might be told to press a button when a screen shows them a picture, and chronometry studies the time it takes between first seeing the picture and then pressing the button.

illustration Chronometry

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