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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Italian, 18th century


Elaborate ornamentation of a vocal melody, especially in operatic singing by a soprano.

Examples of Coloratura in a sentence

"Though Mariah Carey is a pop singer, she brings elements of coloratura into her hit songs."

"The lead soprano captivated the audience with her flights of coloratura."

About Coloratura

Like many words related to opera, “coloratura” came into English directly from Italian.The term “coloratura” is taken directly from the Italian for “coloring.” This connection of sound with color helps evoke the dazzling effect of hearing a top singer delivering coloratura.

Did you Know?

Coloratura is the vocal equivalent of instrumental embellishment, allowing virtuosic opera singers, traditionally sopranos, to show off their range and abilities through elaborate melodic structures in high octaves. The complex vocal embellishments in “coloratura” allow the listener to experience the full capacity of the singer and their voice.

illustration Coloratura

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