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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 19th century


Things worthy of notice.

Examples of Notabilia in a sentence

"TV detective Columbo’s trick was that he always seemed distracted, but he actually kept track of all notabilia."

"The museum exhibit is an immersive experience with notabilia all around the rooms and on the walls."

About Notabilia

“Notabilia” is the plural from the Latin “notabilis,” meaning “notable.”

Did you Know?

“Notabilia” is a fancy way of saying “things worth noticing.” In historical terms, “notabilia” describes events and people that had a significant impact either on their moment in time, or on culture since. For example, the 20th century was full of notabilia — in the form of the two world wars, important people doing memorable things, and many society-changing inventions ranging from the Wright Brothers’ first aircraft and Einstein’s theory of relativity to radio, television, and computers. Modern tech stars hope the ideas and products they develop today will help create the notabilia of tomorrow.

illustration Notabilia

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